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Customised Magnetic Vehicle Signs made to order
Order Magnetic Vehicle Signs to your Design
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 Magnetic Vehicle Signs with rounded corners
 Magnetic Vehicle Signs with round corners
 Magnetic Vehicle Signs to your design
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Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Cars, Vans and Trucks


Inquiry Form For Magnetic Sign QuotesOne of the most attractive benefits of magnetic signs for your car, company vehicles or vans is that they can be quickly and easily removed and reapplied, time after time. This means that any car or vehicle can be transformed in seconds with a magnetic sign from a moving advertisement for your business to private sign-free transport and back again – day in, day out as often as you like.

The Magnetic Vehicle signs come with Rounded Corners. Rounded corners on magnetic signs prevent the wind from "catching" an edge and corner rounding prevents dog-eared corners. All custom made magnetic signs come with rounded corners unless otherwise specified and you request square corners.

Read an important notice on Care and Use information for Magnetic Vehicle Signs and the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on Magnetic Vehicle Signs, their use and storage when not in use.

The Magnetic sheet used - Premium Plus grade Magnetic Sheet - offers 20% higher magnetic pull than the industry average, giving you a vital performance advantage of better grip with a Maximum Pull force of 56g/cm2 which is equivalent to 114 lbs/ft sq, I can supply you with cheaper magnetic signs by using magnetic sheet with a magnetic pull force of 41 gm/ cm² = 85 lbs/ft sq. When you compare the cost of signs, please also check the magnetic pull force.


The magnetic material leaves no marks or scratches on paintwork providing the ‘Care & Use’ issues are followed.

The Vinyl - premium grade polymeric calendered vinyl, specifically developed for use in a wide range of conditions and climates exterior with durability of up to 8 years making it ideal for use in all external applications including prestige vehicles graphics

For a quote and design without any obligation for magnetic car signs for your vehicle please either click here to complete our Quote Request Form or else email your request and details to
Magnetic Signs for Cars Vans and Trucks
Use Magnetic Car and Vehicle Signs as and when required being easily applied and removed as often as you need to make the change as long as you follow care and use issues.
Magnetic Van Sign used when required   Magnetic Van Sign removed when required
Magnetic Car Sign used when required   Magnetic Car Sign removed when required

Suggested size options for magnetic signs are shown below but sizes can be customised as required. Maxium magnetic sheet width is 62cm or 24 inches. Height or length as required from 6cm or 2 inches

Prices Based on White and One Colour - Please ask for a quote for multiple colours and printed signs
Magnetic Pull Force 56g/ cm² 41 g/ cm²
Panel Size Price per pair Price per pair
15cm X 30cm (Pair) £18.00 £15.00
20cm X 30cm (Pair) £23.00 £18.00
45cm X 45cm (Pair) £65.00 £59.00
60cm X 20cm (Pair) £31.00 £26.00
60cm X 25cm (Pair) £39.00 £32.00
60cm X 30cm (Pair) £47.00 £39.00
60cm X 40cm (Pair) £63.00 £53.00
60cm X 45cm (Pair) £80.00 £71.00
60cm X 60cm (Pair) £93.00 £77.00
90cm X 45cm (Pair) £102.00 £78.00
90cm X 60cm (Pair) £139.00 £104.00
120cm X 60cm (Pair) £185.00 £127.00
For a quote please either click here to complete our Quote Request Form or else email
Colour Options
White Colour Selection For Colours not listed
Please ask


Deep Red


Carbon Dark Brown Midnight

Dark Blue



Medium Blue



Light Blue




Forest Mauve
Turquoise Traffic Pink
*Silver *Gold Burgundy
Frosted Glass Effect Almond Light Grey
Silver & Gold are Metallic colours and will cost extra
Colours may not exactly match those shown on your screen

For a quote please either click here to complete our Quote Request Form or else email

Trade and Registered LogosTrade and Registered Logos can be used on signs, as long as the registered owner of the Trade Mark authorises the use of the logo
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