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Since 1998 Snaphost have provided me with premium level Web Hosting services on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Guaranteed 99.9%+ uptime hosting and a high security level for your data. State of the art servers are stored in a technologically advanced data centre Technical experts monitor the servers 24 hours a day.

Service Packages are designed to optimize your web experience. Can also modify specific components within any of the Packages

Secure and reliable web hosting, free domain registration and renewal, e-mail services

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 Price CAD $18/m CAD $36/m CAD $50/m
 Setup fee CAD $18 CAD $18 CAD $18
 Disk space There is no disk space limit for your website pages
 Email boxes/aliases 150/unlimited 300/unlimited 500/unlimited
 Monthly data transfer There is no traffic limit for your website pages
 Fast setup Yes Yes Yes
 No downtime web site transfer Yes Yes Yes
 Choice of Windows or Linux Yes Yes Yes
 SiteStudio Optional/Free Optional/Free Optional/Free
 Personal domain name Yes Yes Yes
 Free search engine submission Yes Yes Yes
 Statistics Yes Yes Yes
 Forced advertisements No No No
 MS Access, MS FoxPro, MySQL Yes Yes Yes
 MS SQL CAD $18/m CAD $18/m Yes
 FrontPage Yes Yes Yes
 Pre-installed guest book Yes Yes Yes
 ASP support Yes Yes Yes
 ASP.NET support Yes Yes Yes
 CGI/Perl support Yes Yes Yes
 PHP support Yes Yes Yes
 Secure server (SSL) Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited FTP connection Yes Yes Yes
 99.9% Uptime guarantee Yes Yes Yes
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Savings - CAD $18 per month
Professional - CAD $36 per month
Corporate - CAD $50 per month

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