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Specifications for:
36" (91cm) Double Shaft Tape Tool
The WEBERmade Tape Tool

This 36 inch (91cm) tape tool provides for the loading of one roll of application tape up to 36 inch (91cm) in width or any combination of multiple rolls of tape side by side up to 36 inches (91cm) in width on each shaft.

Item number: D36

This tape tool includes:

  • 2 STEEL end supports - jig (fixture) welded
  • 2 STEEL shaft assembly with CLUTCH
  • 2 STEEL 4 inch (10cm) C-clamps
  • 10 Plastic 3 inch core plugs
  • 2 FREE Quick Release
  • 1 FREE 12" (30cm) Stainless Steel Squeegee

End support brackets: Charcoal colored powder coating
Shaft assembly: Yellow zinc plated

Distance to outside of end support brackets: 39" (99cm)
May easily be custom fitted to table or work bench by relocating 9/32" hole in shaft:
Minimal assembly required: Detailed instructions included

Lifetime warranty: Warranted forever!

$319.95 US funds

Shipping within the USA US$12.00
Shipping to the UK US$109.70

All major credit cards accepted:
Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Easy terms: Charge it to your credit card and pay for it whenever you want to.

Size of shipping box - container: 6.5" X 6.5" X 42" (16cm X 16cm X 109cm)
Shipping weight: 20 lb. (9kg)

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