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Photo Quality Ink Jet Card
Genuine card with a stiffness paper cannot match
Super resolution coating for images printed at maximum dpi
Expensive feel for high quality work
£ 13.60

Ink Jet Paper Index

Super Resolution
Colour Ink Jet Card

100 Sheets A4
Genuine card
with a stiffness paper cannot match
Super resolution coating
for images up to 1440dpi
Expensive feel for high quality work

Product: Colour ink jet paper
Surface finish: Matt coating
Thickness: 240 microns
Weight: 235gsm
Size: A4 210 x 297mm
Appearance: White
Features: Widely compatible with most printers, dye and pigment inks.
Capable of high resolutions up to 1440dpi.
Expensive feel for high quality work.
This heavy weight card is principally designed for small format applications where card-like feel is preferred such as business and ID cards.
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