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  Web URL Domain Badges
are re-usable and stylish car signs
in chrome or gold tone with your web address.
Order one for each of your company cars,
they are a very cost effective web site marketing tool.

Website URL Domain Badges are car signs that promote
anything ... anywhere!


Web URL Domain Badges are custom car signs that act as moving billboards for promoting your web site or company name all over town.

Because of their high-quality, each triple-coated with lacquer domain name sign lasts for years and years.

They are so cost-effective, you should order this promotional tool for the vehicles of each of your support staff and everyone on your management team.

Web URLDomain Badges give small businesses the advantage of consistent daily exposure at a fraction of what your competition pays for their daily newspaper classified ads.

  Your short marketing message,
Your company name & phone number,
or Your web address
is seen by motorists and pedestrians every day, for years
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  the advertising signs work equally as well for :
  • Insurance Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Builders
  • Decorators
  • Furniture Stores
  • Political Candidates
  • Chiropractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Car Dealers
  • Radio Stations
  • Company fleets
  Why are Web URL Domain Badges considered unique?
Web URL Domain Badges are a cost effective marketing solution for both large and small businesses - for brick and mortar businesses as well as the strictly digital business.

What are they made of?
Web URL Domain Badges are made of the same materials the big three auto makers use ... injection molded plastic, which is chrome foil plated and triple coated with lacquer to stand up to the elements and car washings.

How long will they last?
With normal care, each plate may last longer than the vehicle it's mounted to.

How do they attach?
With peel and stick neoprene automotive-type adhesive tape, or if you wish we will affix a magnetic strip at no extra charge. However, we cannot guarantee how well the magnetic strip will adhere to vehicles, which are not made with as much steel today as they use to be. The magnetic strips work best on plates that are mounted indoors - ie, on filing cabinets, metal doors, etc.

Where is the best place to attach them on my vehicle?
The best place depends on the length of your sign and the design and style of your vehicle. One place not to put them on any vehicle would be on the windows, even though they are higher up and more people might see your sign. Don't put your tag on the windows because car manufacturers use some sort of chemical within the glass that helps the rain disperse faster, and the tags won't stick well after the first rain or car wash. Attach the peel and stick signs on any flat surface on the back of your vehicle that is clean and has never had any rust or cracks. When attaching the signs, do try to keep them flat and do not flex them in your hands.

Will they harm the paint on my vehicle and how do I remove them?
If your car's paint is in good condition to begin with, the adhesive will not cause damage. Plates may be removed with the aid of a hair dryer or heat gun to soften adhesive. Soften a section at a time and gently pry up as each section becomes soft. If carefully removed, your Web URL Domain Badges may be used again by applying a new automotive foam-type double sided adhesive backing found at most auto supply stores.

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What is the size of the plates?
Lower case letters such as a,c,e,n,i are 1" high
Lower case letters such as l,b,t,d,f are 1.25" high
All upper case letters and numbers are 1.25" high
Letter widths vary. The maximum length of a
Domain Badges are no longer than 18"

Which letters and characters do you have?
Web URL Domain Badges have a full range of upper and lower case letters, and numbers. They also have a number of special characters. e.g... ://.-@~%_&!#?( ),'/$£ And, they have a number of non-English language characters. e.g... ß ü ä Ü Ä ö ø

How long can the plates be?
Web URL Domain Badges are made to the customer's text specifications up to a maximum of 22 letters/numbers. (Punctuation marks such as : // / , ' etc. are not counted.) We only count actual letters or numbers. If you need all upper case letters, please limit the number of letters to 19, not including punctuation.

I need an extra long plate, is there any way you can you do it?
More than likely. Just e-mail us the information. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes. The cost of the sign will vary depending on the complexity of the task.

  To Buy Domain Plates are car signs that promote  anything ... anywhere, Click Here
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Are there discounts for volume?
Yes. Prices vary depending on quantity ordered and text length. Discount prices start at 20 units when all are ordered at the same time and delivered to the same address. Please contact us directly for a quote.

For Domain Badges, delivery is free through out the United States with a minimum order of two signs of any text combinations.

Why a minimum order of 2 plates to get prepaid shipping?
It is not economical to package and ship a single plate with delivery included. However, the two plate minimum can be of any text combination, so it can be for 2 separate plates.

Is it really safe to buy on-line?
Web URL Domain Badges orders are placed through one of America's oldest and most trusted secure servers - Authorize.Net . We at Domain Badges never actually see your credit card number.

Are Web URL Domain Badges a good value for my marketing dollar?
Web URL Domain Badges are one of the world's great marketing bargains. Dollar for dollar there is no more effective or cost effective form of marketing. Domain Badges retail for US $39.95 ea. We assume the average user keeps their vehicle for three years. We calculated that the amortized cost of having a Domain Badges on a vehicle over that three year period is about 3.6 cents per day.

If the vehicle is driven in daily traffic the sign may be seen hundreds, if not thousands of times, every day at a fraction of a penny per impression.

The cost declines dramatically if the owner drives their car for longer than 3 years, or if the plate is reused on the next vehicle.

With care, Domain Badges will easily last for 7 to 8 years in outdoor use. Properly cared for indoors, they'll practically last forever.

What are the advantages of Web URL Domain Badges?
Domain Badges are a low cost, "buy it once, and use it for years", marketing tool, which deliver dividends and new business to your site every day.

A Web URL Domain Plate affixed to the cars of company staff or family members becomes a personal endorsement passively promoting your business.

Their mobile nature means they can be seen by a different audience every day. They'll sell for you whether you are on the road or parked - at work or play.

These are personalized signs and are usually delivered within 30 days worldwide, with no delivery charge when ordering a minimum of two.

Web URL Domain Badges install in seconds with no special skills or tools required.

Web URL Domain Badges require no special maintenance. (just normal car washings)

Web URL Domain Badges are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defect.

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Orders are through a secure server at Web URL Domain Badges who never actually see your credit card number.

Web URL Domain Badges are a tasteful addition to any vehicle.
They install in seconds and last almost forever.

Order Your Own Marketing Advantage Today!

Chrome-Tone Car Signs Retail for US$39.95 each
Gold-Tone Car Signs for US$44.95 each

  To Buy Domain Plates are car signs that promote  anything ... anywhere, Click Here
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