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Sudoku or Su-Doku Puzzle Assistant


There is really only one rule:

The Aim

Fill in the grid so that
every row,
every column,
every 3 x 3 box
includes all of the digits
from 1 to 9
Click on the Image for a Larger Image

The Result

every row,
every column,
every 3 x 3 box
includes all of the digits
from 1 to 9

  The concept of this Sudoku Puzzle Assistant is to allow you to play the game and to solve the puzzle. The Assistant is not intended to automatically solve the puzzle without your input as that would remove the pleasure of you solving the puzzle.
  To Download the Sudoku Puzzle Assistant Click Here
  With the Sudoku Puzzle Assistant, you can do the following
  • Make your own Sudoku Puzzles
  • Enter the Grid with the Puzzle published in a Newspaper or from any other source
  • Print copies of the Puzzle Grid if you prefer to use paper
  • Solve the Puzzle by Entering Digits on the Screen
  • You can save and reload 7 Days of Starting Grids
  • You can save and reload 7 Days of the Puzzle you have started to fill in
  • Show and print all the alternative number options for each square
  • Solve Puzzles entered from Newspapers and other sources
  Once you have saved the starting grid you can reload it if you wish to start again. If you want to continue from where you have got to or to be able to go back to particular position you have reached, you can save and reload the puzzle at any point
  To help you sole the puzzle, you can opt to turn on the option to highlight the squares that need a particular digit. This will help you learn the logic of playing Sudoku.
  You can follow the instructions on the page links below
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